Facts about Concrete

One construction material that is commonly used around the world is concrete. Most structures are built using concrete. This includes parts of our house, roads, and much more. Because of this, people believe that they know everything about concrete. However, the truth is that there are a lot of facts about concrete that most people don’t know about.  

If you are working on a concrete patio Bentonville AR project, here are a couple of facts that you should know: 

Concrete Can Copy the Looks of Expensive Materials 

Concrete can be made to copy the looks of more expensive materials, with the rise of a lot of new technologies. These expensive materials include brick or leather, granite or travertine, ceramic tiles, wood, cobbles, and porcelain. Thus, you can use concrete for floors in houses and office buildings, countertops, and much more. It can also glisten and have a matte finish is polished properly. Also, you’re able to stamp, dye, or stain concrete. This offers a lot of opportunities. 

Concrete Doesn’t Harden if the Temps are too Cold 

The hardening process of concrete is influenced negatively by severe cold temps. Thus, concrete should be secured if it is to be poured during the cold season. Proper hardening is obstructed whenever ice forms in the concrete. Eventually, this will lead to poor concrete quality. Because of this, you have to protect the concrete from the atmospheric air so that ice formation can be avoided.  

Concrete will Get More Durable Over the Years 

Concrete gets more durable as time passes by when proper curing, pouring, and mixing is done. The truth is that it will keep on improving its durability for years. The reason for this is that calcium hydroxide found in cement transforms into calcium carbonate whenever it absorbs carbon dioxide.  

When Concrete Stays Wet for Longer Periods, It Becomes More Durable 

You need to combine water, cement, and aggregates to make concrete. A chemical reaction between the water and the cement takes place during the process of making concrete. This will cause the concrete to strengthen. Thus, you’ve got to make sure you keep concrete wet for a longer period if you want it to be more durable. Professional concrete contractors know this and because of that, they do not allow the concrete to dry out too fast. In general, concrete should stay wet for at least 3 days.  

Romans Utilized Concrete for Construction in Ancient Times 

If properly mixed with other materials, concrete is very strong. Also, it will require proper curing if you want it to last for many years. Thus, how did people know that Romans used concrete in ancient times? Well, buildings that were constructed using concrete still exist today. Pantheon is one of the best examples. This building is made of concrete. It’s also the biggest unreinforced structure in the world. Unfortunately, the knowledge for creating cement had been forgotten by the Romans after the Roman Empire had fallen. Other buildings that were made out of concrete include The Three Gorges Dam, The Hoover Dam, and the Panama Canal. 

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