How to Prevent Damaging Tree Roots

“How can I prevent damaging the roots of my trees?” This is one of the most popular questions that people ask whenever they have a tree. Today, we are going to discuss how much space trees require to thrive and grow, how roots help our trees grow, and how roots stabilize the trees.

How Deep and Long Are Tree Root Systems?

Almost every root is located within the top 2 feet of soil. For those who don’t know, most roots of the tree will grow within the tree’s dripline. This is the place at the edge of the crown of a tree where rainwater will fall. It’s crucial to see the tree’s root flare. This is the place at the trunk’s base that spreads out to the roots. You can easily identify how healthy the root system of a tree might be and whether it was planted at the right depth if you recognize the root flare.

How to Prevent Damaging the Roots of the Tree When Planting

If a tree is not planted deep enough, you will commonly see surface roots. For trees and the surrounding places, surface roots are a hazard. Whenever a tree is planted too close to other structures or close to a sidewalk, surface roots become very visible. Oftentimes, the roots would begin to lift the pavement. This will generate an uneven surface and becomes a safety threat.

Lightly mulch in between the roots of the tree is the ideal way to prevent damage to the tree from trimmers or lawnmowers if you’ve got a tree with surface roots. The most effective and simplest way to prevent surface roots from happening is to plant the tree at the right depth and at the right place.

How Far Should You Plant a Tree From Other Structures and Sidewalks?

You should plant a tree further away from the driveways, sidewalks, and other structures if the tree will be taller. That is the general rule of thumb. Large to medium trees must be planted at least 10 feet away from establishments and other structures.

  • A large tree typically grows 40 feet or more when it matures.
  • A medium tree typically grows 20 up to 40 feet when it matures.
  • A small tree typically grows 20 feet or less when it matures.

No matter what size the tree is, you should plant a minimum of 2 feet away from driveways, sidewalks, curbs, and other structures. Whenever there are 8 feet or more of space for trees to thrive, there are fewer sidewalk impacts.

How to Protect Trees During Construction

The health of a tree is in danger during construction. The ideal way to make sure your tree stays healthy and protected during construction is to hire a best licensed arborist Baton Rouge Louisiana who could work to help you with your tree issue.

In addition to that, these professionals can also help you if you have issues with your trees or if you need help maintaining it.